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How to Keep Your Oral Health Optimized After Oral Surgery

Posted on 3/30/2020 by Alexander Nguyen, DDS
How to Keep Your Oral Health Optimized After Oral SurgeryBrushing our teeth helps us stop bacterial decay and prevent gum infection. However, after oral surgery, brushing your teeth is generally not a possibility for a little while.

This is because brushing your teeth after oral surgery can be very painful and could cause damage. Not being able to brush your teeth after oral surgery may seem counterintuitive because of the increased risk of infection. However, there are other ways to prevent infection after oral surgery.

How to Prevent Infection After Oral Surgery

Optimizing your oral health after oral surgery is important to prevent infection of the surgery site. Though you may not be able to brush and floss for some time, we will give you instructions to follow when you go home. In general, these instructions consist of a few basic ways to keep your mouth clean after surgery.

The first basic way to keep your mouth clean is to use salt water. Salt water has the natural ability to kill bacteria in your mouth. While you aren't able to brush, this is your first line of defense for preventing infection. When you swish with salt water, make sure to do it gently to prevent hurting the surgery site. Vigorous swishing could open a closed wound.

Next, you will need to vigilant. Taking note of the condition of your mouth at least once a day may help you prevent infection. If you notice signs of lingering swelling or bleeding, it's important to contact us as soon as possible. Typically, bleeding should stop on the first day and swelling should reside after a few days. If bleeding or swelling increase over time, it's possible your surgical site has become infected.

Each individual is different when it comes to their post-oral surgery care. If you have questions about how to prevent infection after your oral surgery, please call us. We would be happy to help you.
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