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Full Mouth Reconstruction Surprise AZ

Full mouth reconstruction involves an oral surgeon and others on a medical team that work to replace your entire oral structure. You may have experienced an injury, severe tissue decay, or other joint and muscle complications. You may require ongoing treatment to prevent more surgery in your future.

We will customize a full mouth reconstruction treatment plan for you at Surprise Oral & Implant Surgery.

What Is a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction is a major procedure that involves repairing damage to your mouth, restoring functionality, and repairing any aesthetic damage that has been done. It is more a series of procedures than one single procedure, but these multiple treatments are often done at once or in as few visits as possible. In the end, you will have beautiful teeth and a healthy functional smile.

Initial Treatment

Prior to reconstruction, we will need to correct any injury or disease that you currently have. In cases of severe gum disease, this means scaling and root planing treatment to remove harmful bacteria and encourage the teeth to reattach to your gums. Your tooth may need to be extracted if it cannot be saved. Additionally, we typically prescribe a round of antibiotics and pain medication to aid in the treatment process. We may also provide you with tissue grafting or regeneration so that we can create a strong and healthy base for restorative structures.

Dental Restoration

For your teeth, our oral surgeon must first perform a comprehensive evaluation of your current dental condition. This includes a basic visual exam as well as dental x-rays. Our oral surgeon uses information from these diagnostics to determine the best restoration procedure for you, such as dental bridges, crowns, inlays, or onlays. Our lab can make each of these restorations using a dental impression gathered by our oral surgeon. We do this so that the restorations are fully customized for you.

In some instances, dental implants can be used in your bone and gum tissue to give support to crowns, bridges, or dentures. Sometimes, though, these tissues may not have enough strength to support dental implants, whether it be All on X or All on 4. We may provide a restoration, such as an implant supported denture, that has an artificial gum as well. The teeth on these restorations are made of porcelain, ceramic, composite resin, glass ionomer, or metal. Gums are generally made from plastic.

3D rendering of a dental implant bridge replacing the entire lower row of teeth

Joint and Muscle Restoration

Your jaw will most likely shift out of its natural position when you have severe disease or injury. A full mouth reconstruction generally involves jaw treatment as well. In the most severe cases, this may mean surgery to reset your jaw or remove tissues. However, some surgical procedures can also be used to simply clean out the jaw and clear any inflammation. Invasive surgery is not always needed, though.

In fact, we may be able to reposition your jaw using oral appliance treatment. Some common oral appliances include braces, aligners, nightguards, and retainers.

Full Mouth Reconstruction at Surprise Oral & Implant Surgery

For more information on full mouth reconstruction and the procedures it can include, contact Surprise Oral & Implant Surgery at (623) 263-5042 to find out more.

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