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Types of Facial Traumas

Posted on 6/15/2024 by Surprise Oral & Implant Surgery
Elderly woman enjoying her new smileA facial fracture means that one or more of your facial bones is broken. Under rare circumstances, facial fractures can heal on their own, but only if the broken bones remain in their original positions.

Your facial trauma might need the help of a maxillofacial surgeon, whose primary role is to set your bones back into their normal position to optimize healing. If your facial fracture is severe, your maxillofacial surgeon will use special wires, plates, or screws to join the bones together and keep them in place.

Why You Should Not Overlook a Facial Fracture

You should not overlook any injury to your face. Your injuries may seem minimal and less dangerous from the outside; however, there might be serious injuries not visible to the naked eye. By not seeking treatment for your facial fractures, you are putting yourself at a significant risk of experiencing any of the following issues.

Airway Damage

A facial fracture can easily lead to damage to your airway. It might be a result of a broken nose or any other fractures around the face area. If your nose is broken, your nasal passageway is at risk of swelling, and the swelling will make it hard for you to breathe. The only way to restore your normal breathing is to seek proper treatment for your facial fracture.

Eye Injuries

Any damage to your facial area endangers your ability to see. A fractured bone can damage the eye itself, and one of the bones forming your eye socket can get broken. The damage to the eye socket or the eye will compromise surrounding nerves and reduce your ability to make eye movements.


A facial fracture can damage internal tissues within the face. This damage can result in internal bleeding, which can put the eyes, brain, nerves, and other sensitive structures around the face at risk of further damage.

The damage caused by a fracture to your face can sometimes extend beyond what you can see. Chances are, it is a simple fracture, and you may not need any surgical intervention. Still, you should not take any risks - visit a maxillofacial surgeon as soon as possible.

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